The Lighthouse Park found along the shores of West Vancouver, is a beautiful park that boasts breathtaking views of the water surrounding it. It was discovered by George Vancouver (founder of Vancouver), way back in 1792. It is an iconic and historic place wherein it was resurrected in 1874 as a gift from the government of Canada in exchange for BC to officially join Canada. During World War 2, the lighthouse was used as a point of surveillance to lookout for enemy ships and submarines. Enough of the history lesson. Lets dive in on the trails that have the best scenic views.

Map of the trail we took. Time taken: 3 hours return

After parking our car at the car park, we started off on the Juniper loop to the Juniper loop trail and stopped at our first point. The view of the Juniper point lookout showcasing Howe Sound.

1. Juniper Point Lookout of Howe Sound

We then continued on towards Shore Pine trail where we reached our next lookout (marked 2 on the map). This tree (below) really reminded us of the iconic Wanaka tree thats very popular in the South Island of New Zealand. You can view our top places to visit in NZ south post here.

2. Shore Pine Point lookout
Calming view of the waters from Shore Pine Point

Moving on southwards of the trail, we get to the next viewpoint of Point Atkinson, which gives us views of mountains in the background (marked 3 on the map).

3. Point Atkinson Viewpoint

Getting back on the trail, we trekked east towards the lighthouse lookout where we finally get the view of the iconic lighthouse (marked 4 on the map).

The iconic lighthouse viewpoint

And our last viewpoint, east of the lighthouse, brings us to the Arbutus Knoll Lookout (marked 5 on the map). With Stanley Park on the right, North Vancouver on the left and various ships going through the channel, it is quite a spectacular sight.

5. Arbutus Knoll Lookout

Definitely a hike worth heading for, being so accessible from the city. Be sure to check out our other hikes around the lower mainland in BC like Four Lake Trails, Quarry Rock, Bowen Lookout and Grouse Grind.

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