The Grouse Grind is one of the most popular hikes in the lower mainland of British Columbia as it is easily accessible. Located on Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, this hike is regularly done by locals to test their fitness levels. The 2.9km trail is not for the faint hearted as it is extremely challenging, and can be dangerous at times due to its steep nature. It’s other name being the Mother Nature’s Stairmaster kind of paints the picture. Be sure to wear proper shoes and clothing. Running shoes would be the minimum.

There are markings on the tree along the way to show you how much of the hike you have completed. If you are struggling at the first quarter mark of the hike, it would be best to take it slow or just head back down. The hike consists of steps that can go up to your knee, and others that are really steep. Stay focused, if you’re not careful, you could fall on your back. The entire hike takes between 1.5-2 hours depending on your level of fitness. Don’t give up and take lots of breaks if you need to.

The view of the city with clear blue skies

The sense of accomplishment you get from reaching the top is indescribable. The views of the city from the peak are stunning. Take your time with all those photos!

The lodge at the peak

The peak has a lodge that holds a cafe. Grab a coffee or hydrate yourself with lots of water and enjoy the views from the patio.

At the top, there are tons of activities for you and the kids to enjoy. There are high element activities, Grizzly Bear Habitats and Mountain Disc Golf to explore.

There are playgrounds for the kids to enjoy and play with their friends. There’s also a beautiful lake where you can see people doing the zipline from. If you don’t just want to see it, then do it! There are zipline activities at the top. You can find out more on the various activities available here.

There are only 2 ways down from the Peak of Grouse Grind. And going down the way you came up is not one of the options, as it is too dangerous to do that. The free option is to hike down the BCMC trail (takes over an hour) or take the Gondola for $20 (takes 5 minutes). Be sure to book it here the day before you do the hike.

Definitely a hike to do at least once. The Grouse Grind is only open mainly during summers and vary year to year. Be sure to check out our other hikes around the lower mainland in BC like Quarry RockBowen Lookout, Lighthouse Park and Four Lakes Trails.

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