Buntzen Lake

Just a 45 minute drive away from downtown Vancouver, located in the North West of Coquitlam in Anmore, lies the mesmerizing Buntzen Lake Park. This park is perfect to bring your family or hang out with your friends. Bring out your BBQ and start sizzling those meat. There’s ample parking space in the area as well.

The Recreation area has an abundant amount of benches to have family gathering, as well as lots of open spaces to pitch a tent and enjoy the Sun on a nice summer day.

The lake has lifeguards on the clock from 8am to 6pm. Swimming, kayaking and enjoying the lake with your floats are all allowed, which is a great recreational activity for the family.

A place you simply must visit. It is conveniently located near the city, and requires no hiking/trekking to reach.

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