The 4 Lakes Trail is a 6 km long scenic and fairly easy 2.5 hours hike that loops around Alice Lake Provincial Park, with little to no elevation. It passes by lakes, creeks and groves of Cedar, which are simply spectacular. The trail is well marked at every cross points.

Parking (marked A) is easily available as the open spaced carpark is huge. Start off on the trail eastwards from the parking lot, towards Edith Lake (marked B). Fawn Lake is marked C. Followed by Stump Lake marked D. And finish off the trail at Alice Lake marked E.

Edith Lake

Edith Lake is a great spot for fishing as its usually free from the crowds. The lake is typically filled with rainbow trouts. There are also tons of tadpoles near the shore, so be careful not to step on them!

Fawn Lake

Moving North on the trail, you would get to Fawn Lake. Another peaceful place with minimal human presence, and a beautiful sight to behold.

An offroad access to Cheekye River

Continue on towards the north, and you would get to the perfect relaxation spot to sit and have your lunch or finger food. Just slightly off the trail, at the most northern point of this trail, you’d get to see a part of Cheekye River, which flows west into the Cheakamus River.

A glimpse of Cheekeye River from atop a hill
Cedars along the trail
The mirror reflections from the water of the lake, simply beautiful

Continue on the trail, and you would reach stump lake, our personal favourite. Another great lake to catch some trouts, and surprisingly few visible people around the vicinity. Great place to enjoy a dip as well.

Views of Stump Lake
Alice Lake – The most popular lake among the 4 Lakes

And trudging on towards the end of the trail, Alice Lake, the most crowded among the 4 lakes. Alice lake is extremely popular due to the activities available right along the lake. During Summer, there’s tons of rental equipment available such as Canoe, kayak, stand-up paddle board and pedal boat. Rental information can be found here.

A stop point along Sea to Sky Highway

And that’s the 4 Lake trail. A very easy yet enjoyable hike. A bonus picture, the sea to sky highway offers some stunning views of Howe Sound and the mountains. Just pull over where it’s safe to do so and start snapping. Be sure to check out our other hikes around the lower mainland in BC like Quarry Rock, Bowen Lookout, Lighthouse Park and Grouse Grind.

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