Located North of Princeton near Merritt, and a 3.5 hours drive away from Vancouver, lies the beautiful Kentucky Alleyne Provincial Park. Within this park, there are two stunning crystal clear turquoise coloured lakes just beside one another. Kentucky Lake and Alleyne Lake are two lakes you’d definitely want to bring your kids and family.

1. Kentucky Lake

Stunning aquamarine waters

Kentucky Lake has a loop trail that gives you different views that will leave you stunned at its beauty and serenity. The trail an easy 45 minutes walk on flat grounds, making it kid-friendly. Bring your paddleboards and kayaks along, and row your way around the beautiful lake.

You just can’t stop staring at the beauty

The lake’s water is pristine and clear that you can see everything in it. The lake is also home to some of the best fishing experiences. The lakes are stocked with Kokanee and Rainbow trout. So definitely bring your fishing rods and baits, and have a blast here.

Clear waters giving you visibility of everything under it

2. Alleyne Lake

The less prettier of the two, but definitely beautiful. Alleyne Lake is also an amazing place to do the same type of water activities that can be done in Kentucky Lake. At this lake, there are lots of picnic benches that you can hang around, and grill some barbecue.

Within the park, there are two smaller lakes and a kids only fishing pond that’s perfect to teach the kids how to cast.

This provincial park also allows camping, and costs about $18 a night. Campers have praised this park for its cleanliness and its scent free outhouses (we vouch for that).

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