Jeju Island is one of the most picturesque places we’ve been to, and it’s even a very popular holiday and honeymoon destination for the locals in South Korea. The island has many historical sights that over time, have formed stunning geographical formations. Here are 7 of the best places we have narrowed down to see in the beautiful Jeju Island.

1. Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, Sunrise Peak

View of Jeju Island from the Peak

Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, also known as Sunrise Peak, is one of Jeju Island’s most famous geographical features. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a formerly active volcano. To get the view of the sunrise, be sure to get here one hour before. The climb to the top lets you experience the cold air and sea breeze while overlooking the sea and the mountains. The feeling is so good and the view is just simply stunning!

Well-built boardwalks up to the peak

The hike up takes about 40-50 minutes, and has an entrance fee of 2000 KRW for adults and 1000 KRW for childen ($1.80/$0.90 USD).A detailed travel guide to this incredible inactive volcano can be found here.

Panaromic view from the peak
The Crater left from the volcano

Interesting fact; The crater is in a cone shape that’s formed by hydro-volcanic eruptions upon the shallow seabed thousands of years ago.

2. Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff

Jusangjeolli Cliff, with mountains in the background

Jusangjeolli Cliff is a volcanic rock formation that were rapidly cooled when lava from Hallasan Mountain erupted into the sea of Jungmun. The naturally formed rocks almost seem as if stone masons had carved them out. The view of the high tide from the ocean crashing into the cliffs provides a stunning view of the ocean surrounding the rock pillars.

The views of the sea here is beautiful
The true meaning of an endless horizon

The viewing platform allows you to see the endless ocean of the east china sea (Southwards).

3. Jeongbang Waterfall

Jeongbang Waterfall from afar

Jeongbang Waterfall displays stunning views of the waterfall that flows directly to the sea. Just a 5 minutes walk from the carpark, it is easily accessible and allows you to get close to the falls. The waterfall spans about 23 m high. Admission Fee costs 2000 KRW ($1.70 USD~) per person.

Jeongbang Waterfall up close

4. Osulloc Tea Museum

A definite must go place if you are a tea lover, particularly green tea and matcha. O’sulloc tea museum teaches visitors about Korea‚Äôs traditional tea culture. They also sell amazingly fresh tea leaves of various types. The complex includes a lotus pond in the indoor garden where you can relax and sip your hot tea.

The cafe provides amazingly fresh green tea matcha desserts, such as matcha latte, matcha swiss rolls, matcha ice cream and cookies infused with green tea flavorings.

The second floor of the building has an observatory that visitors can enjoy having the views of the surrounding landscape and the nearby green tea fields. Or you can just be like us and head outside to the tea plantation field.

5. Udo Island

Black sand beach in Udo Island

Udo Island is a small beautiful Island just beside Jeju Island. The ferry terminal is close by to Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, so its best to head here right after the hike. Seongsan Port is just a 20 to 30 minutes walk away. The Ferry tickets costs 8500 KRW (7+ USD) for a round trip.

With an international drivers license, you can rent a scooter at Udo Island and cover lots of ground with it. And it’s super fun as well! There is too much to cover on this beautiful island with this post. A detailed travel guide to this stunning island can be found here.

White sand beach in Udo Island

6. Maze Land

If you are a Running Man fan, Maze Land is definitely a place you need to stop by. The park boasts the largest maze in South Korea, measuring 5.3km in length. Parking here is free, and the entrance fee is 12000 KRW per person ($10+ USD). The first two mazes are fairly easy but the third one is pretty tricky. After you are done with the maze, there’s a viewing observatory there that gives you a great aerial view of the park.

The map comes in a pamphlet, and you stamp it when you reach a checkpoint

7. Jeju Folk Village

If you are in love with Korean culture and historical places, this is a place you would definitely want to stop by. Jeju Folk Village showcases a reenactment of the way Korean villagers lived in the past. A very educational and fun place for the whole family, with lots of restaurants within the vicinity to choose from.

Entrance fee costs 11000 KRW (9+ USD) per person. There are stalls here that sell cactus candy, which we tried for the first time. And it’s delicious! The place is pretty big and takes about 2 hours to complete.

Outside of these 7 places, there are lots more places to see in Jeju Island. Some of them include Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls, Jeju Love Land, Hallasan National Park, Yongduam Rock, Manjanggul Cave and Hamdeok Beach. The list is really endless. Believe it or not, we did all this in 2 full days. A small island, with such beauty within it. A definite must go on your travels.

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