The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is one of the best places to visit in Singapore while having a holiday in this beautiful concrete jungle. It is right by the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel which has an amazing infinity pool at the very top of the 57 storey building, and is directly connected to this amazing mall. Here are our top 7 things to do in this bustling mall.

1. Indoor boat (sampan) ride

Take a leisurely ride along the Canal in a beautifully crafted Chinese wooden boat. The boat ride within the mall is a unique experience that we’ve hardly seen anywhere else. It costs S$13 per person and takes about 15 minutes in total.

The ride allows you to circle the Rain Oculus, an eco-friendly installation comprising a 22m-wide acrylic bowl that collects the rainwater that fills the Canal. The amazing sight of having over 22,000 litres of water released per minute from a skylight two storeys overhead is one not to be missed.

2. Digital Light Canvas

The Digital Light Canvas is the first of its kind digital sensor which combines 4D vision light sculpture and an LED floor. This amazing technology combined with the beautiful colours will leave your eyes sparkling with its beauty. A definite must for the kids to enjoy watching the colorful nature beneath their feet come to life.

The tickets go for at S$5 each at B2 Retail Concierge Counter. Children under two years old and Future World ticket holders get free entry.

3. ArtScience Museum

The ArtScience museum is the beautifully constructed lotus shaped building that you see in Marina Bay, which looks so impressive. In this place, you can experience the futuristic world at the exhibition that uses digital installations that aid to create a immersive experience with the Virtual Reality (VR). The dazzling lights from the various digital arts will leave you inspired.

Step outside the mall on the 3rd floor, where you can take some amazing shots of the Central Business District area in tanjong pagar as the backdrop, before entering the ArtScience museum.

There’s also more exhibitions within the museum which are great to explore. Get more value by purchasing the All-Access Pass that gives you admission to all three exhibitions from just S$24.

4. Helix Bridge

Inspired by the structure of human DNA, The Helix Bridge is one of Singapore’s most visually striking landmarks. The bridge is located right at the entrance to the mall, as it connects to Marina Central. A great placeto check out and snap some instagram shots.

5. Shopping

Well, it is a mall after all. So what else would you want to do at a mall other than shop right? So many stores, so many branded goods that you don’t even know where to start. From Burberry to Louis Vuitton to Hermes to Gucci, this is just scratching the surface to the amount of branded shops there are at this mall. This is the place to be for avid big brand shoppers whos brought their big budget wallet to one of the most expensive cities in the world.

6. Cafe hopping

The mall offers some really good fine dining options with lots of brunch and high tea cafes to choose from.

7. Spectra-A light and water show

Spectra, the light and water show is an amazing laser show with beautiful water fountains in the backdrop of the famed Singapore skyline. It is viewed from the platform right outside The Shoppes. You may find out more information on timings for the show here. Best of all, it is free! Unforetunately, due to Covid-19, it has been suspended since February 2020, and has yet to be reopened. But definitely follow them closely, as they might reopen any day soon.

And that’s our top tips to enjoy a wonderful day out with your loved ones at The Shoppes, one of the best and our favourite mall in Singapore.

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