1. Tower of London

The tower of London is a historic castle on the north bank of river thames. Delve into the history of this castle, it’s architecture, and the rare crowns and gems that they hold on display.

There are lots of towers to explore within the vicinity of the castle. It also has the best display of the London Bridge from the south wall.

2. Tower Bridge (London Bridge)

Tower Bridge is an excellent landmark to head to right after the Tower of London, as they are right beside each other. After capturing the amazing views from the side of River thames, head over to the bridge and capture more. There’s also a souvenir shop inside.

Walk along the sides of River Thames and soak in the vibes of the touristy area of this beautiful city.

Inside the bridge, the floor is transparent, which makes it really cool.

We were fortunate enough to witness the tower bridge actually opening up to allow a ship through, which was pretty cool.

3. Natural History Museum

London is one of the best places to visit museums, as most of them are free to enter. And amongst them, the Natural History Museum is our favourite, mainly due to the preservations of dinosaur fossils.

Get to know the various types of dinosaurs that walked on the face of the earth millions of years ago.

4. Westminister Abbey / Big Ben

Westminister is where all the politics takes place, and houses the Parliament. The iconic clock tower Big Ben, is right round the corner of the vicinity. It chimes every hour, so look out for that.

Lay out a picnic mat and take a nice rest at the small field near Big Ben. The place also has statues of famous and important worldwide political figures like Nelson Mandela.

5. Camden Lock Market

Camden Lock Market is one of the most diverse and hip places in London. It has varieties of international street food, lots of stores selling accessories and unique artwork and paintings being sold at great prices. It has a great vibe and there’s so much of unique items to shop for, which really makes this place awesome.

Once you’re done with shopping, take a stroll down to Regents Canal and chill. If you’re feeling good, walk on down along the Canal to Kings Cross station, where our next recommended place is!

6. Platform 9.3/4 (Kings Cross Station)

King’s Cross station is one of the busiest train stations in London, and boasts some extraordinary architecture. If you are a Harry Potter fan, then this is definitely a place you cannot miss out on. This is where you can find platform 9 ¾. Check out The Harry Potter shop there as well, and grab your favourite souvenirs, wands and figurines.

Pose besides a luggage trolley disappearing magically into the wall and have your photo taken to commemorate your wizarding journey forever! Don’t forget to wear house colors.

7. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is home to the British Royal Family since 1837. This is a definite must go while in London. Some parts of the Palace are open to the public to view.

Be sure to witness the historic tradition of the changing of Guards which happens every day. Admire the discipline of the soldiers who have to stay still for such a long period each day.

8. Live football game / Stadium Tour

London is home to some of the biggest football clubs in the world, such as Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs and a few other small clubs. It is definitely worth experiencing the atmosphere of a football match.

The stadium tours are also definitely worth the visit, especially during the off season period which typically runs from May to September.

Depending on which club you support, it is worth taking a short trip to Manchester, Liverpool or Newcastle.

Soak in the critical team talks that have happened in the changing room!

9. Musical Play at the Theatre

The theatre is a great experience for anyone visiting London. The musical actors have very high standards here, and you would definitely not be disappointed. Popular musicals like Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Romeo & Juliet and Wicked are ones that you won’t go wrong in.

10. Day trip to Bath/Stonehenge/Windsor Castle

Take a day trip to Windsor Castle and the historic location of Bath and Stonehenge. Get to learn the history of the roman baths and the enjoy the elegant Georgian streets coupled with the architectural beauty of the buildings here.

The tour costs about 80 pounds per pax, which we think is an amazing deal! Check them out at viator or klook, which have some pretty good deals on these trips.

The history of Stonehenge is quite astounding being that they are a prehistoric stone monument that rose mysteriously during a time where there were no machines to do the heavy lifting of such stones. It is also positioned in a peculiar manner, which makes one wonder if there was any purpose to it.

Windsor Castle is one of the active palaces being used by the royal family, and is the preferred weekend home of the current Queen of England. It has been the home of 39 monarchs.

The castle consists of about 1000 rooms and 13 acres of land. Phew, that’s huge!

The architecture of the castle is absolutely stunning. The castle had a huge fire incident back in 1992. It did quite a bit of damage, but it was fully repaired within the next few years.

And there we have it, 10 of the best places to visit in London. Let us know which one was your favourite!