Banff is a resort town located within Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Within the town, there are lots of boutiques and restaurants mixed with château-style hotels and souvenir shops which attract lots of tourists. Here are some of our favourites spots within this beautiful small town.

1. Banff Pedestrian Bridge

The Banff Pedestrian Bridge boasts views from the bridge with Mt Rundle in the background, and the flow of Bow River to compliment its sight. It also connects downtown Banff with the south side. Definitely the best spot in Banff to get that instagram worthy shot!

2. Surprise Corner Viewpoint

A spectacular vantage point which comes with some stupendous views on the rocky mountains. You can spot the Banff Gondolar from afar, the Rim Rock Hotel, the iconic Fairmont Banff Springs and Bow falls. Parking lots are very limited

3. Bow Falls Viewpoint

Bow Falls Viewpoint is a beautiful area where you get to see the gorgeous Bow Falls waterfall. A great place for a family picnic or family walk, and even for the dogs as well to cool off in the water. Incredible scenic and comes with ample parking spots as long as you come before 12 on the weekends.

4. Banff Gondola/Sulphur Mountain Trail

The Banff Gondola takes you up Sulphur mountain at a crazy elevation, and gives you some stunning views of Banff. The Lower Terminal is 5,194 feet (1,583 metres) above sea level, the Upper Terminal is 7,486 feet . Ticket price ranges from $53-63 per person depending on the date of travel. You could also hike up Sulphur Mountain, but it’s not one for the faint hearted. 11km in total, at an elevation of 756m. you might be better off just paying the gondola fee.

5. Banff Town Sign

It’s hard to miss this unique sign which welcomes all its visitors, the iconic Banff Town Sign.

6. Picturesque views from the heart of downtown Banff

Nestled along Buffalo Street & Banff Avenue, there are loads of amazing photographic points with gorgeous mountain backgrounds. Just take a nice walk around that area, and these beautiful spots are hard to miss.

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