Formerly rated as one of the seven wonders of the world, Niagara Falls is truly a stunning view of three different waterfalls. It’s definitely a place you have to go see with your own eyes. Niagara Falls can be viewed from Canada (Niagara) or from USA, (Buffalo, New York). We highly recommend seeing Niagara falls from the Canada side as the views are way better there.

The view from USA Buffalo New York
night view of the falls

The Niagara Falls Day Pass which can be purchased online here, covers alot of the activities and sights to be seen within the town. This pass allows you to use the shuttle bus for free. You would definitely need to ride on the bus as it helps you to get from one point of interest to another within the town.

1. Butterfly Conservatory

The butterflies feed on oranges

The first place you want to stop by is at the Butterfly Conservatory. Located at the most northern part of the map, and also the last stop of the shuttle bus, which makes it a convenient place to start from.

glasshouse where the transformation takes place

The Conservatory houses over 2000 butterflies made up of over 45 species. The vibrant colours and beauty of the butterflies will make a great stop especially for the kids. Be sure to wear bright clothes and put on a little perfume or cologne, as that helps to attract the butterflies to land on you.

2. Whirlpool Aero Car

the classic cablecar has been working since 1916

The Whirlpool Cable Car is a really cool ride on an antique cable car and takes you out to see the stunning views of the whitewater rapids from the Niagara River. The cable lines suspends across the Canada and United States border, so you get to be in 2 countries without any passport stamps.

Views from the Cable Car

3. White Water Walk

White water Rapids heading towards the falls

For the White Water walk, you get to take an elevator 70 metres down. Upon exit, you’d be welcomed with the loud roars of the white water rapids travelling at 48km/h. Proceed onwards to the self-guided boardwalk tour which spans about 400 metres. At the end of it, there are platforms to take photos from.

4. Hornblower Niagara Cruises

Up close and personal with the falls

The cruise allows you to get as close as safely possible to the horseshoe falls. You get to feel the mist of the falls in your face. Be sure to keep your phones dry in a zip lock bag and try to take pictures while it’s in it.

get on the ferry to get as close as you will ever get to Niagara falls

5. Journey Behind the Falls

Observation Deck

The journey behind the falls lets you see the falls from behind. The observation deck gives you an angled view of the falls but its usually hard to get a good view as water just splashes on your face and the wind gets really strong here.

And that wraps up our day trip to Niagara falls. The schedule is tight so be sure to be there as early as possible! Best is to stay a night in the town itself. If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected]

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