A beautiful Landscape Panaroma from Whytecliff Park

Located on the coastlines along the shores of Howe Sound, Whytecliff Park offers a scenic beautiful place to enjoy, with great accessibility from the city. Being only a 25 minute drive from Vancouver, it’s one of our favorite spots to head to on a weekday after a hectic day at work. This place is so surreal and and can be super peaceful with the water of sounds and the birds chirping in the background. We would pack cups of hot tea and sushi and sit by the bench to enjoy while soaking ourselves in the view.

You can have a lovely walk by the water with your friends and family. The houses on the hills are mesmerizing and makes you wonder how is it even possible to build those houses.

This is a view that we just happened to pass by in the area and it feels like its out of a movie. The logs and the fallen branches washed by the sea is aesthetic. This is also a great place to take a sun kissed shot.

Sunset from this park is absolutely amazing.

This is the most calming and peaceful part of the park where you can only hear the sounds of the waves and the birds chirping. The view of Bowen island in the distance as well as the countless mountains takes your breathe away. You could even spot a yacht or a ferry too. Enjoy the peace and serenity.

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