Sunset view of Bowen Lookout – One of the best lookouts in BC ; Time taken – 1.5 hrs return

Located at Cypress Provincial Park, through the Cypress Mountain Ski Fields, lies Bowen Lookout. One of the best lookouts in BC, with stunning views of the North-West islands and mountains. The hike is an easy 45 minute trek. We went during Winter, so naturally the trail was filled with snow. However, you would not need snowshoes for this as the snow is easy to walk on in normal winter boots. These views were taken in the winter of 2019 (December).

The map above is a guide to the trail that reaches Bowen lookout. Starting from the parking lots at Cypress Mountain Resort Parking area, enter the trail through the ski fields (shown below) and there will be a separate route to enter the Howe Sound Crest Trail. The trail is well guided with red poles.

Starting point of the trail
Some incredible views whilst trekking

The trail is easy to walk on, and only takes 45 minutes one way. There are a couple of impressive views along the trek.

Staring at the sunset at a distant
The snow is so soft & powdery, you just want to lie on it and make snow angels

It is truly the most rewarding hike we’ve done thus far here in BC. Definitely should not be missed! Be sure to check out our other hikes around the lower mainland in BC like Quarry RockFour Lakes Trail, Lighthouse Park and Grouse Grind.

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