Bromley Rock Provincial Park is an amazing beach-like park which is great to float down the Similkameen river on your river run floats. There’s also cliff diving there which is a definite must try! Located in Princeton BC, which is about 3 hours eastward drive from Vancouver, the emerald clear waters are absolutely stunning.

Enjoy some cliff diving

Grab your swimming gear and river run floats and jump into the clear waters from the river. We’d recommend starting the river run at Bromley Rock park and stop at Stemwinder Provincial Park. That itself might take over an hour to float to. Wear a lifejacket as well as some parts of the river gets really deep.

float down river on all kinds of tubes!

You could even get a 6 seater float and merrily float down the river with your friends and family while looking up at the clear blue skies and daydream your way into fantasy world.

If you don’t feel like getting into the waters, just pull out your beach chairs, grab your favourite book and soak the sun on the beautiful sand.

The views from the campground

We camped at Princeton Municipal Campground during our stay in Princeton. They have really good water and washroom facilities and cost us about $70 for 2 nights which includes 4 pax. You can find more information on the campground here. The campground lies just beside the river and there are some beautiful sights on the river banks there.

A definite must go if you get the chance. Let us know about your experience here! Check out Kentucky and Alleyne Lake, just 45 minutes away.

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