Quarry Rock, Deep Cove- time taken: 2 hours return

The Quarry Rock Hike at Deep Cove of North Vancouver is one of the easiest and rewarding hike that is readily accessible from the city of Vancouver. With the option of using public transport, as well as having ample space for you to park your car near the trail head, it is one of the reasons why we love going there. The elevation of the trail is only 100 metres, and it is open all year round!

Park your car at Panaroma Carpark and make your way to the Baden Powell Trail Head.

The trail is filled with wooden platforms, and run off soil

The man made trail is very well constructed with lots of wooden stairs, bridges and platforms. The terrains are filled with dense tall trees, which is very typical of the trails in the lower mainland area. The trail is very well directed, with no splits in it and only one way. Forward.

A closer look at what to expect for the trail

And after an hour, you have arrived at the top of Quarry Rock! Grab that coffee that you packed in a thermos, find a spot on the rocks at the peak, and just soak the view in. On a clear day with beautiful sunny weather, you would be sitting there for a few hours. Thank me later.

View from the end of the Deep Cove Trail

And once you’re done at the top, head back down the same route you took. After coming back down from the trail, head over to the Panaroma park (marked in a red cross in the map above). Get kissed by the sun once again and enjoy the spectacular views of the lake and mountain.

View from Panaroma Park, near to the trail head

An easy hike that gets you rewarded with amazing views. Be sure to check out our other hikes around the lower mainland in BC like Bowen Lookout, Four Lakes Trail, Lighthouse Park and Grouse Grind.

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